Now’s the Time for Bald Eagles in Maryland

I write a lot of content about the Mid-Atlantic region for print publications so I try to reserve this blog for the really fun stuff — exotic, or at least far-flung, travel locales.  But today I’m making an exception and posting about something close to home — the zillions of bald eagles that congregate at Conowingo Dam in Conowingo, Maryland during the fall and early winter.   

I spent an unseasonably warm day at Conowingo  last week checking out those eagles and wrote about my experience in my weekly “Native Delaware” column for The (Wilmington, Del.) News-Journal.

Here’s a link to that piece. And, okay, I didn’t see a zillion eagles but I did spot a dozen in less than an hour. How cool is that?


Back to School for the Kids, Back to Blogging for Me

Yeah, I know I took a long vacation from blogging these past couple of weeks  — but not a permanent one.

This summer, I went to Sweden and Denmark for a week, Southern California for another week and Delaware’s Bethany Beach for yet another week. There wasn’t much time in between for my job, my house and the minutia of daily life but somehow I kept up. I didn’t, however, manage to keep up with blog writing.

But summer’s over and my next big trip is three whole months away (sigh). Well, maybe I can work in a mini getaway, in the meantime. One of my favorite places for a one-day or overnight trip is The Spa at the Hotel Hershey.    

The spa is even more fun with friends.

I wrote about the spa’s recent renovations in a July posting in Spa Review Magazine. Check it out and start planning your chocolate spa day.